Building and sustaining a strong Inner self

Life is challenging, thus needs strength, strength that comes from morale. Morale is what keeps you going through the journey of life. Otherwise, it is nearly impossible to make your identity.

Everyone wants to be famous either through their beauty, brains, or money. But what’s most important is to build a character. Our character that is, our inner personality, aura, stability, and conscience. That’s what matters, everything else is secondary. 

A calm and composed mind is most efficient. Constant thinking makes one restless, thus not helping achieve their own dreams or fulfilling others’ expectations.

No matter what’s the nature of your problem, mental unrest will only complicate matters. The more sorted we are inside it reflects outside, automatically making our life more organized.

It is truly a combination of beauty and strength that makes up our personality. But these characteristics are just superficial. Religion is just following traditions, but more about developing one’s inner personality. 

For this, one needs to have a beautiful heart and a beautiful mind which is possible with good thoughts and virtue. This results in inner contentment and good conduct. That’s when Love sprouts in life. It surrounds you and goes wherever you go. 

Starting with your own family. Love and respect every member of your house. Teach your children not only to be good individuals but also good citizens of the country.

Whoever comes into your life should feel better than before and leave with a smile on their face.

Like our Ego feeds on itself, needs encouragement, and accolades every day. Your inner self also needs constant protection and hard work to sustain.

Eventually, life is a choice between looking for a beautiful place or being the ones who beautify the place they live in. To get distracted with small problems, or rather face problems with patience and courage. 

A life full of happiness is the result of living with love, positivity, peace and balance – the outcomes of a stronger inner self.

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Sushila Sharma

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