Perceiving God, in comfort and with convenience

“What a beautiful day it is! Time for leisure and fun and well some relaxing. Self-time it is!” 

“What a beautiful day it is! How beautiful its Creator must be then. Time with Him it is!” 

Let’s be honest now and tell that among the two given scenarios which one’s more likely to happen? Obviously ruling out the atheists’ obvious answers. 

Well, it’s not the question of an atheist or a believer. The light here is on the matter that the existence of God is only acknowledged with one’s comfort and convenience. 

Yes. Didn’t the matter get you looking into yourself and thinking that this is an actual fact? Well, it sure did make me. 

The self-examination popped up the questions that might have been considered by the conscience but Oh please! Who likes to be criticized? And yes! Hence the behavior doing this complete justice to the given matter. 

Difficulties? God! 

Failure? God! 

Doubts? God! 

*The list of all negative things*? God! 

Okay, I’m done with the negative energy. Let’s light up the mood, shall we? 

Success! Accomplishments! Enjoyment! Leisure! Fun! *All good. No worries list*! 


Well sure lighting up is getting difficult considering the truth of the survey. 

Some might break the bars of the topic but sadly most of us don’t. 

Okay.. sadden not yourselves now. Yes, it’s all within you! Here, the procedure is very simple-acknowledging His existence in all little things, be it at your convenience or not. See? That’s no rocket science. Simple and solved. 

So let’s strike up the light here, shall we? 

Roopashree Sharma

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