Have you tried Fresh green peppercorns yet?

Black pepper, or ‘Kali Mirch’ is one of the most commonly used spices all around the world. Ever wondered where it comes from or how is it made? Piper Nigrum is a wildly grown climber that has small green fruits called Green Peppercorns, these are processed and dried up to make black pepper.

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These small green fruits are basically the fresh pepper that have many benefits especially in the medicine field and were commonly used in the ancient times.

Multiple Benefits

  1.  Improves appetite and digestion.
  2.  Relieves cold and cough.
  3.  Eradicates parasitic worms.
  4.  Cancer fighter.
  5.  Works as an anti-tumor.

Numerous scientific studies have shown that Piper Nigrum fruits aka the fresh pepper have promising antibacterial activity.

The fresh green pepper is soft to bite and is milder than a black peppercorn. It is used in the preparation of sauces, curries, or seasoning of poultry dishes. Consumption of green pepper helps in digestion since the presence of piperine helps in the secretion of stomach juices which increases the rate of digestion. Also works against intestinal issues. 

It is also now used in modern medicine and is an important ingredient. The spiciness of the fruit is due to the alkaloid compound piperine which prevents diseases and is most commonly used to cure colds and coughs.

The fruit of the plant does not only produce black pepper, but also white pepper, green pepper, red peppercorns, and pink peppercorns. 

Interesting uses/ recipes of Green pepper

If you have any more uses/ recipes for Green peppercorn, please do share in the comments for our readers. Green peppercorns are easily available in shops and stores during the winter months.

So add green pepper to your diet this winter and stay healthy.  
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Roopashree Sharma

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