Practice Reiki Healing

The Origin

Reiki is the life energy that flows through all living things. The practice states that if we have any physical, mental & emotional issues, it is possibly due to a blockage in our life energy channels.
Reiki was introduced in 1914 by Mataji Kawakami. As he grew older, he traveled to Europe and China.

The Legend

Once Usui Sensei was doing his meditation under the waterfall & allowing the water to flow over the top of his head. Suddenly, a powerful light entered his mind through the top of his head and he felt as if he had been struck by lightning; this caused him to fall unconscious.

As he woke up he was in an extremely enjoyable state of vitality that he had never experienced before. He experienced himself as being the energy and consciousness of the Universe and that the special state of enlightenment he had sought had been given to him as a gift. He then went running down the mountain to tell this to his Zen master. On his way down he fell down & hurt his toe. He then placed his hands over the toes, as anyone would & the healing energy began flowing from his hands all by itself. The pain in his toe went away. He was amazed by this, as he had received the gift of healing.

He then moved to Tokyo & started a healing society. Over time he developed many such practitioners. He developed a proper method making it easier for others to learn & practice Reiki for themselves or to heal others.

Why Practice?

  •  Promotes health and wellbeing
  •  Aids in pain management
  •  Offers support for recovery
  •  Encourage mental clarity
  •  Strengthen self-esteem
  •  Increases self-awareness, intuition
  •  Improves Sleep
  •  Helps in manifestation and increases creativity
  •  Balances Chakras
  •  Relieves stress, tension, anxiety, relieves depression.

About The Guru

Arpita Thakkar is a certified master in Reiki Healing and an Alternative Therapist.
She is also a Transformational coach, an Aerobics Instructor, and the author of the book “Turning the Mind Lights On” She has won the “The Naari Shakti” award in the year 2017.
Learning and teaching Spiritual modalities feeds and charges her Soul. According to her students, she is a very humble and soft-spoken person who is a good listener and who teaches all her subjects in a very interesting and easy way.

Our Programs

Reiki Level 1

  • What is Reiki
  • Benefits of Reiki
  • 5 principles of Reiki
  • History of Reiki
  • What are Chakras and their functions
  • White light Meditation
  • How to start Reiki healing
  • The different body positions
  • Common problems and their corresponding healing points
  • Uses of Reiki

Reiki Level 2

  • Introduction to Reiki Symbols.
  • Meaning and Function of Symbols
  • Uses of Symbols.
  • Reiki Symbols in Various Ways.
  • Healing to self and others.
  • Self-healing – before sleeping
  • How to send a chilboll.
  • Some Affirmations for self & others.

Book an Online Reiki Session on Zoom/ Google Duo with us & we will help you to heal.

Course Duration

2 Day per Level 1.5 hours

You’ll Get

  • Course completion certificate at the end of the course.
  • Call recording of the Course available for a year
  • Digital Notes
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