Consult with our Founder – Roopashree Sharma, for your health and wellness queries.
She is a qualified Yoga professional and certified in Naturopathy with years of implementation experience and self-study of Ayurved.
Her approach is to simplify and enjoy life in sync with Nature; that is true wellness and happiness!
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Wellness Guru


A certified Capital Markets Professional, a qualified Yoga Trainer, and now an Author in the making are a few of the many hats Roopashree wears during a single day.


Further, her experience in Naturopathy and self-study of Ayurved (Carak) Samhita completes her
circle of knowledge in Mental and Physical well-being.

With her customized diet plans to unique home remedies, she has touched the lives of many.
Atharvan Life is her initiative to connect these dots and bring forth the science behind age-old
practices followed by Bhartiya households to future generations to help them lead a happy and
healthy life!

Roopashree Sharma

Atharvanlife – Founder

Personal Wellness & Home Care

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