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Meditation Mat & Wind Flute

Meditation Mat 

This round natural rubber yoga mat is elegant with first-class quality.

Wind Flute

We bring you a Wind flute used by tribal people to warn their group of potential attack or danger. The copper coin attached to it with a string makes a sound when moved in a circular motion. You don’t need the knowledge or expertise in playing the flute anymore. Welcome to mysterious yet modern Bharat!!!


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Meditation Mat:

Mandala means circle in Sanskrit. It signifies that life is a circle and everything is connected. Complete your cycle of practice with this mat.

All designs are made using water-based inks to avoid chemicals. These mats come with a yoga mat strap for convenient carrying.


How To Clean

These mats initially release a strong odor, but it is harmless. Wipe your mat with a damp cloth or use a mat spray. Let it dry. Do not expose the mat to the sun for a long time, it will fade the design.


Wind Flute:

Tribal Wind Flute

First flute category of the world

Indian Tribal Arts


Handcrafted in bamboo, decorated with engraved tribal motifs.


These are the flutes of the Nature :
jungles, forests, mountains, valleys, or in the house in a peaceful environment.

How To Use

There are two ways to play this soft melody flute without any finger holes.


1. As you guessed right, we blow in the end keeping a small distance between its hole and mouth. To make different soft notes, we need to vary the blow. Playing it is very simple, just a practice of some seconds is required to make your own good soft relaxing music.

2. We just take its open end in hand and rotate it. It makes good euphonic melodies.

3. Moreover, it can also be used as a wind chime. We hang it horizontally and as a blow of air passes through it, it makes a soothing chime sound.


As with everything made by tribals, the flute to has a utility value. Besides producing dulcet notes on festive occasions, it is also used by the tribal men to ward off animals and herd cattle through the jungles.



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