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Eco Friendly Cork Yoga Mat (3mm thick)

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Why add toxins and plastic in your health care routine, Cork Yoga Mat is the perfect solution for your practice with its natural and durable material.

A unique blend of Natural cork and recycled Rubber provides serious grip performance dry or wet, optimum durability and low environmental impact. Most mats offer rubber backing with thin cork layer, but our mat has 3mm thickness of cork with minimum natural rubber for durability and sustainence.

  • Anti-Skid
  • Anti-bacterial & Anti-Microbial Properties
  • Durable & High-Performance
  • No PVCs, latex and plasticizers
  • Eco-friendly & Sustainable Choice

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Eco-Friendly, 100% Natural & Recyclable Material.

All-Natural, Sustainable Rubberised Cork Yoga mat, a must-have for all types of yoga. 

This mat is made with renewable cork and is free of latex, silicone, toxic glue and phosphates and  PVC

We suggest using plain mat instead of ones with motifs, for a distraction less Yoga practice. Also in our tradition, the mantras are respected and hence standing on them is not something we recommend. 

The natural rubber grips any type of floor tightly and keeps you stable even during hot yoga sessions.

Natural material is a sustainable resource that can be easily recycled or biodegraded.


  • Roll up loosely.
  • Not machine washable.
  • After spraying with water or sweating, lay out flat to dry.
  • When required, simply wipe with a clean cloth and a little soap and water.
  • Do not scrub

Why Eco-friendly mats?

  • Atharvanlife offers every product after thorough research, read more about our research on harmful effects of using synthetic mats – https://www.atharvanlife.com/is-your-yoga-mat-eco-friendly/
  • Also read about Yoga outfits best for your practice – https://www.atharvanlife.com/yoga-wear/
Weight 3 kg

1 review for Eco Friendly Cork Yoga Mat (3mm thick)

  1. nirali

    The quality of the product matches the expectations and justifies the amount. Comfortable to do workouts on, and the dimensions are the same as mentioned.

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