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Cowdung Hawan Cups

Atharvan Cowdung Hawan cups are Biodegradable and Eco-Friendly made with Cow Dung with herb fillings. Natural and Handmade, Naturally Sun-Dried.

Pack of 12 Atharvan Cowdung Hawan cups.

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Atharvan Hawan Cups Cow Dung Dhoop Cups

  • A more sustainable option, light up with these lights, without harming nature and without any pollution
  • Panchgavya is used in ayurvedic to describe five elements obtained from down, these are cow’s urine, cow’s milk, cow’s ghee, cow’s curd, and cow dung.
  • Panchgavya is made from aromatic herbs used in Indian traditional medicine.
  • The cups emit a real authentic fragrance that gives you a very soothing spiritual feeling and helps to remove negative energy from home.
  • Calms the mind and gives a feeling of aromatic therapy. Remove Negativity, For Pooja Use, For Removing Mosquito, For Fragrance, And Many More.
  • Guggal Is a Traditional Vedic Purifying Element That Is Used To Spread The Positivity In Homes And Places Of Work Or Anywhere.
  • You Are Using It For The Spiritual Purpose (Havan) Or Just Need To Relax Your Mind And Body, This Guggal Sambrani Cup Is Effective And Creates An Aura That You Feel An Intensity While Meditation, Yoga, And Prayer.
  • The Aroma Of Guggal Will Heal Your Mind Effectively, And You Will Feel The Difference Within A Few Minutes.



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