Catch your breath & Hold its Rhythm

It goes without saying that breathing is the very base of the existence of life. It manifests the entity between Life and Death. But it is so basic that we tend to be indifferent to the significance of this pivotal part of our existence. Ever thought about why wellness sciences like Yoga, always lay emphasis on breathing exercises?

Our breathing controls and commands the diverse processes of our mind and body. If we can comprehend the various nuances of the breathing patterns, we will understand the inter-relationship between breathing and our bodily constitution including various emotions.

Difference in both Nostrils

According to scientific research, the two nostrils do not work simultaneously and the rhythm of the breathing directly affects the activities of the brain. Inhaling through the left nostril activates the right side of the brain, illuminating our creative and artistic bent of mind. The right nostril activates the left brain igniting the reasoning and analytical aspects of our thought process. So by synchronizing the breathing pattern and what we are pursuing, we can optimize the functioning of the brain.

Eating and Drinking Traits

Our breathing can also influence our eating and drinking traits. It is beneficial for health to consume liquids while the left nostril is active and solid food while the right nostril is more active.

If we do a psycho-analysis of our mind, it will expose how our breathing patterns define our emotional disposition. When we are calm and composed, our inhale-exhale actions become slow and steady, but in a distressed state our breathing becomes heavy and faster.

All of these highly illustrate the necessity and the impact of breathing modulation on the well-being of our body, mind, and soul.

Proper breathing brings better health. Ancient Hinduism placed importance on breathing to harmonize our emotions and intellect and attain a healthy life. There are Pranayams and Yoga-asanas dedicated to our breathing system.

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body and perfect control of our breathing pattern will help in self-realization, introspection, and control over the mind.

Sushila Sharma

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