Food Potency

Measuring ingredients and their nutritional value doesn’t ensure your body will benefit from a diet. Check the below aspects to determine the potency of your diet.

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Ayurveda mentions the following properties or functions of an ideal diet – “सम्यक आहार”

  1. Increase the strength of the body – बाल वृद्धिकर
    The primary function of food is to give strength and energy to the body. So while you can live to eat, you are actually supposed to Eat to Live.
  2. Tastes good, so that the person eating food enjoys it – Rasa
    The power of good food is in its aroma. If the food doesn’t smell or taste good, it will never create the right appetite for the one consuming it. The body will not be able to derive the required nutrition from it.
  3. Give some instant Energy after consumption along with providing necessary nutrients for body growth and strength. – शरीरधारक
    The food should not be very difficult to digest, it should be a combination of instant energy providers along with other nutrients for maintaining body growth, strengthening the immune and other functions for sustenance.
  4. Satisfy the one consuming it – तृप्तिकर
    A good meal doesn’t just fill our stomachs but provides a form of satisfaction, a feeling of being content, and at peace. If the food is very oily, heavy to digest, and creates acidity then we might enjoy the process of eating but will not feel good after consuming it. Therefore it is important to maintain the right spices and cooking process that makes the food taste good, but at the same time doesn’t make it difficult to digest.
  5. Be Hot and Unctuous, स्निग्धा (easily consumable), and not dry or cold.
    Further, the food should be warm enough to eat and not too dry to make it consumable. Both are important to help digestion as well as avoid the choking or gulping process.
  6. Be taken in appropriate quantities.
    Food should be sufficient to meet our needs not desires; it should be fulfilling but overeating is a curse. The right quantity depends on many factors like – age, daily routines, any health issues, etc. But the basic rule is to eat a nourishing but light breakfast, a full meal at lunchtime, and a smaller quantity during dinner.
  7. Be compatible in potency, वीर्य अनुकूल
    Virya or Taasir is an Ayurveda concept that defines the three different types of energy that create this universe. Every being has a different combination of these three energies and their balance is required for healthy sustenance. If the body accumulates too much of any one type of energy, it leads to several disorders.

While it’s important to watch what you eat, it’s equally important to watch how you eat it. The journey of food after it enters your body determines whether your body will accept its benefits or not. ‘Read further to better understand the “Art of Eating.”

Roopashree Sharma

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