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We all have different vacation rules, some like to mark their footprint on newest destinations, while some like to sit on a beach and sip their cuppa coffee… While these breaks relax our mind & body, but once we hit the routine the flavour vanishes in a couple of weeks. Therefore, once in a while we should opt for a reboot and consider a wellness retreat.

It’s a good way to detox, heal and nurture yourself with some holistic
age-old techniques. Being the dwelling house of Naturopathy, Yog & Ayurveda, Bharat (India) has a hub of myriad wellness retreats spread across diverse terrains of the country with many long term & short term programs.

“What you seek is seeking you.”


  1. Aahana Naturopathy Centre, Uttarakhand
    Strategically located in the wild surrounds of Corbett National Park, Aahana makes for the ideal location of a naturopathy detox. Since nature is so vital to this process of healing, Aahana Naturopathy Centre uses a mix of yoga, Ayurveda, nature cure, western spa therapies and employs a strict and controlled diet schedule to help you detox.
    Highlights : Yoga, Ayurveda, Western Spa therapies
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  2. Somatheeram Ayurvedic Village, Kerala
    A six-time winner of ‘State’s Best Ayurveda Resort’ by the Government of Kerala, Somatheeram Ayurveda Village is a group of five deluxe Ayurveda resorts in Kerala and enchanting houseboats in the backwaters. Specialising in holistic healing of Ayurvedic treatments and therapies, people from different nationalities and cultures come here for authentic Ayurveda treatments that comprise of therapies, proper diet and herbal medicine, all under the supervision of experienced and qualified doctors and 90 well-trained therapists. Yoga and meditation here ensure a harmonious balance between body, mind and soul.
    Highlights : Ayurveda, Yoga & Meditation
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  3. Atmantan, Pune
    Well known for its master cleanse, the skilled team at Atmantan enables guests to purge their body of toxins and heavy metals, thereby preventing chronic inflammation and cell oxidation. Treatments such as moxibustion (heat therapy), colon hydrotherapy, manual lymphatic drainage, infrared sauna, daily yoga and diet assistance are provided to reset hormones and bring the body to a state of equilibrium.
    Highlights : Moxibustion, Colon Hydrotherapy, Yoga
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  4. Atmasantulana Village, Pune
    Established in 1982, it is one of the first and largest Ayurveda centers in India. Atmasantulana Village is surrounded by beautiful mountains and lush greenery, in a quiet rural area close to the Indrayani River between Mumbai and Pune. The village follows a combination of Vedic philosophy and health practices.
    It’s Santulan Centre offers unique residential holistic programmes for ’Panchakarma’ and ’Wellness’. These are very effective for the purification and rejuvenation of the body and mind with Yoga, Meditation, Lectures, a properly balanced Diet, Lifestyle correction and Healing Music.
    Highlights : Panchkarma, Yoga, Lifestyle correction
  5. Niraamaya Retreats, Kerala
    Located on a quiet stretch of Kovalam beach, Niraamaya Retreats Surya Samudra offers guests an insight into the Ayurvedic way of life and eating right, according to their dosha type. The Niraamaya Springs is the perfect package for the busy bees who have only a weekend to spare. It includes mindfulness exercises, daily yoga and reiki led by well-known mindfulness coach and NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) practitioner – MA Shaheerudheen. The food is mostly organic with focus on seasonal produce and indigenous superfoods like coconut, red rice and moringa to get you closer to your health goals.
    Highlights : Ayurveda, Yoga & Reiki
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  6. Ananda In The Himalayas, Rishikesh

    This wellness establishment near Rishikesh has attracted guests from all over the world for its wellness offerings, hikes, the Ganga aarti along with tranquillity of the hills. The yogic detox can be done for 7/14/21 nights using yoga, kriyas, jal neti and Ayurveda to balance the doshas and facilitate cleansing. While most guests tend to book a 14-day package at Ananda, they report feeling lighter, less stressed and even sleeping better after only seven days at the retreat. There are plenty of spaces to practice yoga outdoors and you can perfect your ‘sirhasana’ with guidance from the resident yoga teacher.
    Highlights : Yoga & Ayurveda
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  7. Shreyas Yoga Retreat, Bengaluru
    The team at Shreyas has carefully crafted a seven-day guided vipassana like retreat for guests who want to turn inward. Recommended for people with high blood pressure, anxiety, insomnia and a high stress lifestyle, the ‘mouna’ retreat attempts to calm the mind and allow introspection. With meditation, journaling, yoga and minimal distractions, most people leave feeling more grounded and less stressed. The doctor at the retreat works in tandem with the chef to curate a special menu as per your dosha type.
    Highlights : Vipassana
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That was a sneak peek into the popular destinations for wellness retreats in India. There must be some more near your city or state.

If you have already explored some of them, don’t forget to share your reviews and feedback in the comments below, for our other readers.

Go ahead and book your next holiday at a wellness retreat & return rejuvenated from the lap of Mother Nature!

Roopashree Sharma

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