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This homemaker-turned-entrepreneur wants to popularise the ‘science’ behind yoga, Ayurveda, and naturopathy

Mumbai-based Roopashree Sharma is building an interactive digital repository to provide reasoning to the science behind the ancient practices of yoga, Ayurveda, and naturopathy.
Ancient Indian practices like Ayurveda and yoga were part of Roopashree Sharma’s life for as long as she could remember in the form of her grandmother’s recipe of tulsi ka Ark (a herbal home remedy made from basil) and her mother’s special paste made from coconut milk and turmeric to treat oily skin.  

Roopashree held these traditions close, earned a certification in yoga from Bombay University, and studied Sutras and the Charasamita as well. When her son was diagnosed with asthma when he was just two years old, she made him practice Jagriti, Surya Namaskar, and a few other pranayams (breathing exercises). “Today, he is completely out of it and a healthy 20-year-old boy,” she tells HerStory. 

When her son moved to Germany to pursue further studies, Roopashree had a lot of free time on her hands. She turned towards guiding youth towards evidence-based practices of Ayurveda, Yoga, and Naturopathy by founding Arthavan Life in May 2019. 

Atharvan derives its name from Atharvaveda, which is the first Hindu text on medicine, also regarded as the Veda of magical formulas and knowledge storehouse of atharvanas, the procedures for everyday life.  Read More

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