The Art of Eating

Get that bite right

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“Mental activities like worry, grief, fear, anger and sorrow are described as causative factors for indigestion even if wholesome food is taken in proper quantity.”

While it’s important to watch what you eat, it’s equally important to watch how you eat it. The journey of food after it enters your body determines whether your body will accept its benefits or not.

Vimana, a part of the ‘Kaya-chikitsa’ treatise in Ayurveda, provides 10 principles underlying the Wholesome Diet and its intake

  1. The food should be hot
    Not steaming hot, but a little above your body temperature, this helps in better digestion and prevents gastric issues.
  2. The food should be unctuous (excessively flattering or oily).
  3. The food should be taken in proper quantity
    Depending not on your hunger, but on how much your body needs, how much it can process and how it process, i.e. your metabolism.
  4. The food should be taken only after the previous meal is digested
    While different body types have different gap timings between their meals, a minimum gap of three hours should be kept between meals. If you don’t add these gaps, your blood will not get enough time for circulation and other functions it performs, besides digestion. (read more)
  5. The food ingredients should not be contradictory in their potency.
    eg. mixing food with different internal nature – hot or cold i.e. the very concept (Read more)
  6. The food should be taken in a pleasant place with the required accessories.
    The environment, benefits of eating with your hands, sitting on the ground, the role of utensils (Read more).
  7. The food should not be taken in an excessive hurry (importance of chewing food).
  8. The process of intake should not be exceedingly slow (body psychology when we eat slow).
  9. While eating, one should neither talk nor laugh; during this time one should concentrate on eating only (it’s basic, you might choke if you laugh or talk).
  10. Only such food should be taken which is wholesome to the physical constitution and psychic temperament of an individual (diets differ based on your routine and body type).

So, go ahead and enjoy a healthy and delicious meal.
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Bon Appetit!

Roopashree Sharma

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