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Natural Loofah

Eco-friendly lifestyles couldn’t get any cleaner! Use our bath scrub for your deep cleansing needs during daily showers to help stimulate skin and blood circulation along. A natural, guilt-free scrubbie for exfoliation and healthy skin!

  • Zero Waste
  • Body Brush for exfoliation and circulation
  • Deep cleanse after a long day

Pair it with your favorite Bare soap and you got yourself a zero waste shower/bath!

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Cleanse away dead skin with the Natural Loofah. It deeply cleanses, removes dead skin, and is gentle on the skin. The Natural Loofah is made up of Ramie Fabric and not plastic. It has a convenient hand band at the back that helps with easy grip. It also comes with a hook and loop design which makes it really easy to hang and dry. The Natural Loofah is perfect for everyday use and is designed to make skin cleansing a much better experience for you. It’s also important to take care of the Natural Loofah to increase its longevity and it is very easy to do so. After using it, you just need to rinse with water & hang it to dry and it will be ready to use again.


How To Use

  • Before use, please soak the loofah sponge in water for a few seconds. Pour Body Wash on its surface.
  • Use circular movements to lather & gently scrub your body. After use, rinse with water & hang it to dry.

Unique Selling Proposition

Completely natural, making it zero waste and compostable in your home composters itself!



Natural Ramie Fabric



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